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Susan Hodge Mueller, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

I wholeheartedly believe that Naturopathic Medicine is the key to attaining excellent health. My conviction stems not only from firsthand experience with the healing power of nature, but acquired confidence in the variety of effective tools you and I have available to us - including nutrition, supplements, herbal medicine, IV nutrient therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement, craniosacral therapy, trigger point therapy, physical therapy and cellular detoxification.

My journey to becoming a doctor was a long one, its path circuitous but perfect. Like a cat I have lived many lives - from jazz musician to national sales manager to massage therapist. As a massage student I remember Dr. Bill Mitchell, one of the founders of Bastyr University, sharing a taste of licorice extract and regaling us with all of the medicinal properties it contains. This planted a tiny seed that germinated for several years. A trek through the botanical wonderland of the Peruvian Andes in 2001 inspired me to literally drop everything, sell the house, and pursue a career as a Naturopathic Doctor.

After earning my undergraduate degree at Seattle Pacific University, I attended Bastyr University, in Kenmore, Washington where I completed their graduate level training in naturopathic medicine. In addition to an immersive education in general practice, I participated in community outreach helping patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, HIV, and age-related illnesses.

My elective training included craniosacral therapy, nasal specific technique, nutrition, advanced hydrotherapy, neural prolotherapy, and IV & injection therapies. I have over 15 years of experience as a massage and craniosacral therapist, and am a Master level Reiki practitioner.

Fresh out of graduate school, I co-founded Interactive Health Clinic PLLC, and over the next three years developed invaluable experience meeting and caring for my patients, with whom I developed deep and lasting connections.

In 2014 I launched Vitae Health Center PLLC, keeping the same location in Lynnwood, WA - where I remain dedicated to helping both my existing clients and new patients find and maintain their optimum health and vitality, naturally~!

Let a licensed Naturopath at Vitae Health Center help you find and keep your vitality, naturally

I believe in simple medicine; often the slightest adjustment can reap enormous rewards. I pledge to listen to you and work with you as an integral part of your health care team. My goal is to uncover the underlying causes of your health issues and help you remove them when possible rather than suppress them.

I treat chronic and acute issues in people of all ages. In addition to being your doctor, I strive to be a teacher, counselor, detective, cheerleader, and confidant.

While my journey to becoming a doctor was a long one, it fostered in me an appreciation and empathy for humanity that I carry into every aspect of my life. I look forward to sharing that with you as I join you on your path to improved health and vitality.

In Health,
Dr. Susan H. Mueller looks forward to helping you find and keep your vitality, naturally
Doctor Susan H. Mueller

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Dr. Susan Hodge Mueller's Training

I have completed over 1350 clinical hours of training including:

  • -Primary Care Medicine/Family Medicine: Bastyr Center for Natural Health, Seattle, WA
  • -Counseling/Physical Medicine: Bastyr Center for Natural Health, Seattle, WA
  • -Primary Care Medicine/IV Therapy: Dr. Allicia Gonzalez ND, Edmonds Wellness Clinic, Edmonds, WA
  • -Primary Care Medicine/Physical Medicine: Dr. Cristopher Bosted ND, Seattle, WA
  • -Primary Care Medicine/Craniosacral Therapy: Dr Stephen Hall MD, Bellevue, WA
  • -General Practice/Community Health: Dr. Maryann Ivons ND, Carnation, WA

I have received additional training in general family medicine, gynecology and women's health, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, also known as BHRT, minor office procedures, nutrition, nasal specific technique, hydrotherapy, intravenous therapies, detoxification protocols, neural therapy, neural prolotherapy, trigger point therapy and trigger point injection therapy, diabetes prevention & management, cardiovascular management, pain management, chronic disease management, physical medicine, craniosacral therapy & pediatric craniosacral therapy, gerontology, and HIV support.


As an adjunct professor at Bastyr University I teach Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis and Advanced IV Therapy; and I assist in classes including Advanced Gynecology, Minor Office Procedures, Physical/Clinical Diagnosis, and Radiographic Interpretation. Additionally, I taught Biology and Nutrition classes to nursing students at Renton Technical College, and Anatomy & Physiology to massage students at the Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts in West Seattle.

Community Service

As a part of my community outreach, I have traveled abroad participating in research on ameliorating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I have also volunteered five years of service with In-Touch, a non-profit organization which offered free massage to people in King County who were HIV positive, earning the Lifelong AIDs Alliance (formerly NW AIDs Foundation) "Making a Difference" volunteer award. I have also volunteered with the Family, Friends & Community Foundation, a non-profit organization helping children and their families with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses. Additionally, I volunteered two years of service with the Washington State local non-profit Alternative Health Access Campaign (AHAC) supervising medical students in a clinic which offers free healthcare for people in low-income housing.