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When a vitamin isn't enough...

Vitae IV Therapy - Bathe your cells in pure, natural nutrients...

When we cannot keep up with our bodies’ energy demands or have an imbalance, we want immediate relief.

Vitae Health Center has a solution for you.

We all experience times when we find it hard to eat right, our gut is inflamed, or we are under a lot of stress - this makes it difficult for us to absorb enough nutrients from our food or supplements to maintain health.

Let us help...

Our patients benefit immensely from getting high doses of nutrients in a way that bypasses the digestive system, significantly increasing their overall absorption: IV therapy.

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Vitae IV Therapy
Bathe your cells...

IV (Intravenous) therapy allows nutrients to directly reach each of your cells, bathing them in what you need to jump-start your body.

Patients report feeling immediate results, often with long-lasting relief; and our doctors are highly proficient in the administration of these nutrients. They have advanced training and many hours of clinical practice working with leaders in the field, in order to provide you with safe, effective, customized treatment.

Nutrients commonly used in IV therapy, and their benefits:

B Vitamins

Increased energy, increased mental functioning, detoxification, adrenal support, elevated mood, weight loss support, nervous system support


Bone and teeth health, decreased muscle tension

Vitamin C

Antioxidant, immune boosting, antiviral, increased tissue health, protective against cardiovascular disease and some cancers


Relief from pain, migraines, muscle tension, constipation, cramps, increased energy

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