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Vitae Health Center Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What can I expect from my Naturopathic Doctor?
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We listen to you and explore the deeper cause of your symptoms. We go beyond treating only the presenting symptoms, and look to resolve the root cause of your illness.

Is naturopathic medicine cost-effective?

Absolutely! Because we focus on treating the cause of your symptoms. While working to identify the root cause of your condition, each treatment is also aimed at improving overall health - and in doing so we prevent illness. This will save you money in the long run.

Does Insurance cover services provided by naturopaths?

Contrary to popular belief, the answer is...yes! See our Insurance page.

What types of patients can naturopathic medicine treat?

Everyone can benefit. Naturopathic medicine can benefit women, men, children of all ages - from people who suffer chronic pain or acute illness to the terminally ill. See our Conditions Treated page.

What does the first visit typically look like?

Depending on your needs, the initial visit may take up to an hour and includes addressing your primary concerns. We want to understand the strength and challenges that lie ahead in your journey to health and how we can serve you as a unique individual.

Will my Naturopathic Doctor at Vitae Health Center interact with other health care practitioners?

Yes. We will work in consultation with any health care provider. We believe that each profession provides something valuable in creating the best possible care for your needs. If you have an additional health care practitioner, please bring their contact information and any recent lab work.

If I am taking prescription medications, can I take natural medicines?

Yes, but it depends upon your circumstances. Doctors at Vitae Health Center have been trained extensively in interactions of pharmaceutical medications and herbal medicine. This includes any potential adverse effects that could arise from improperly combined drug-nutrient and drug-herbal interactions. It is extremely important that you bring a list of ALL current medications and supplements to each visit and keep us informed of any changes, including dosage.

In what ways are naturopathic and conventional physicians alike?

Naturopathic doctors are family practice-oriented primary health care doctors. Naturopathic doctors' training consists of a four year, graduate level, accredited naturopathic medical school after the completion of a four year undergraduate degree. The first two years of schooling are like those of a conventional physician (MD, DO), the majority of time spent on basic sciences (anatomy, physiology, pathology, etc.). The additional two years also consist of specialized academic courses (cardiology, gynecology, gastroenterology, urology, neurology, etc.).

Both study modern physical, clinical and laboratory diagnosis and are trained to diagnose and treat disease. Both refer patients to other health care providers or specialists when appropriate. And finally, both are required to pass a similar board examination to become licensed. For more information see 'practitioner training'.

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How is naturopathic medicine different from conventional medicine?

Naturopathic medicine approaches each condition in a different manner. We focus less on the disease and more on the person. We look to explore why symptoms are present rather than matching a treatment to a symptom in order to suppress that symptom. Each person is unique and has a different reason why they have a condition. Therefore, Naturopathic physicians respect that each person needs treatment that is unique to them. We work with our patients to support their own self healing mechanisms to restore balance.

In support of this approach to healing, Naturopathic physicians receive additional training in herbal medicine, homeopathy, body work, spinal manipulation, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, clinical nutrition, counseling, and intravenous therapies.

Can doctors at Vitae Health Center order labs?

Yes, Naturopathic physicians are trained to draw blood, order lab work and interpret results in order to formulate an appropriate treatment. Naturopathic physicians can order many imaging studies such as x-rays, CT or MRI if they feel it is necessary to manage your condition. If you have had any recent lab work done please bring all results to your visit.

How long will treatment take?

Since you are unique, so too will be your journey towards health. Thus healing takes a different amount of time for each person. Doctors at Vitae Health Center believe in establishing a dynamic relationship with each of our patients. We will tailor a plan to you individually, and help you chart your progress at each visit.

What should I expect from a visit with Vitae Health Center?

  • Thorough history
  • Space for you to voice your concerns
  • Working together to achieve your health goals
  • A high level of patient responsibility
  • Caring, compassionate practitioners, open to listen to your health concerns
  • Respect for YOUR health care choices

What role will a Naturopathic Doctor have in my life or health care team?

  • Primary care while complementing any conventional care
  • Partner in looking beyond the symptoms
  • Therapist, caregiver, health coach, cheerleader
  • Your trusted advisor to restore balance and add health to your life

How will my life be different in a year?

  • Improved sleep, energy, mood
  • Fewer chronic symptoms
  • A deeper understanding of symptoms
  • Understanding of the BEST lifestyle for you
  • Increased vitality

What is optimal health?

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  • Minimal symptoms
  • Quick adaptation to stressful situations
  • Excellent sleep, energy, positive mental outlook and balanced appetite
  • An understanding of the impact of your food and lifestyle choices
  • Acute illness that occurs once or twice a year (Immune system tune up)
  • Absence of chronic disease and pain
  • High level of fulfillment and sense of well-being

Why do I need to see a Naturopathic Doctor at Vitae Health Center if my symptoms are managed with medication?

  • Find out why you developed your illness
  • Determine how to prevent progression of your current diagnosis
  • Achieve true cure, without daily medications or supplements
  • Regain a sense of power over your health and a knowing through experience that YOU can impact your illness.

Your body is the doctor!

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