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Pain, restricted range of motion and laxity in joint movement are all very common occurrences during our lives. At Vitae Health Center we use a “hands on” approach to treat your back pain, arthritis, sports and motor vehicle injuries, headaches, herniated discs, foot and ankle pain, etc. to restore you to an active lifestyle.

Vitae Physical Medicine
We use a variety of methods specific to you to address your problem. We begin with a careful assessment of your history of pain and injury, and a physical examination with special focus on locating the source of your pain, laxity, or restricted range of motion. We will also determine if imaging is necessary.

In conjunction with other treatments, we use a variety of systematic movements to help heal musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. Naturopathic Manipulation, cranosacral, stretching, taping, injections and home exercises are examples of modalities that are used to help treat your condition.

Naturopathic Manipulation is a method of bone alignment similar to both osteopathic and chiropractic adjustments where a gentle low force movement is delivered to the area of treatment to restore alignment and nerve firing patterns.

Treatment of chronic pain often requires more than simply aligning the spine - which is not curative, and pain is sure to come back. It becomes very important to re-educate our nerves and our muscles to relax and reach a more functional tone. We combine Naturopathic Manipulation with a technique known as Muscle Energy Stretching to correct misalignments of bones, decrease pain, and re-educate the muscles and nerves of your body.

Muscle Energy Stretching allows the body to become aware
of the proper alignment that is needed to become stabilized.

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