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Vitae Family Practice Medicine

Vitae Family Practice Medicine

The term Family Practice physician refers specifically to doctors who treat infants, children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly alike.

Family doctors not only manage year to year medical records for individuals, performing routine checkups and keeping track of any emerging issues, but often assist their clients through mild medical emergencies, such as strep throat or inflamed joints, so receive the required training to identify and treat such common ailments.

In this way, family practice doctors are responsible for a wide array of knowledge, since they are expected to treat people of all ages, both genders, and with any variety of typical injuries or illnesses.

The Naturopaths at Vitae Health Center are trained and qualified to treat your entire family using the most natural approaches possible to help your family attain and maintain optimal health.

To us the goal of naturopathic medicine is to facilitate a journey of lifelong health by nurturing and supporting the innate self healing mechanisms of children and adults alike!

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