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What is the ABC Leptin Diet?

The ABC Leptin Diet removes carb/sugar cravings and increases fat burning!

This specialized diet is designed to remove your carb/sugar cravings and increase fat burning, (while also raising your muscle development).

Leptin essentially tells your brain when to start/stop eating, and tells your body when to burn fat. The problem? When your body has relied on burning sugar for an extended period of time it becomes resistance to Leptin's signals - causing both unnecessary hunger and misguided fat storage.

In addition to creating Leptin resistance, sugar damages proteins in your body,creating advanced glycation end products, known an AGES. These AGES promote premature aging, inflammation and disease.

Simply put, with this diet we are going to restore your body's sensitivity to Leptin, and as a result fat will burn away naturally again.

The diet is divided into essentially two different stages. Stage 1 takes 3 weeks and while challenging, will teach your metabolism to burn fat instead of sugar. During this time, you will have no starchy or sugary carbohydrates, and will eat foods high in good fats and vegetables that are high in fiber. In Stage 2 you will be allowed to have some of the starchy and sugary foods again. Stage 2 continues until you have reached your goal weight.

A few points about the ABC diet:

  • Fats make food taste great and fats make you feel satiated, or full.
  • On this diet you will be allowed up to 4 oz. of red wine daily.
  • This diet does not consider carbohydrates as simple vs. complex, but rather as high fiber (good) vs. low fiber carbohydrates (bad). Why? Because fiber cannot be broken down into sugar. When we eat low fiber carbohydrates this creates a huge surge of Leptin and insulin.
  • Eliminate or drastically reduce beef,lamb, and pork for the first 3 weeks unless it is not grain fed. Feedlots fatten up cattle before slaughter with low fiber carbohydrates.
  • Almond butter and cashew butter are OK for snacks.
  • Protein shakes for or with breakfast are OK.
  • Major sources of protein are meat, fish, poultry and dairy.
  • We won't take away your coffee, but it must be black or sweetened with monkfruit for Stage 1.

This diet really works, and without feeling as though you're starving yourself to lose weight.
Once your body 'hears' Leptin again, it simply burns through your stores of fat, effortlessly!

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