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Seth L. Enos, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Vitae Health Centerís newest physician, Dr. Seth Lang Enos, is a primary health care naturopathic doctor (ND) focused on cardiovascular medicine, physical therapy, menís health, biofeedback, and environmental medicine.

Having grown up in a household of inspirational emergency responders, including his father - a firefighter of thirty-two years, and his sister - an EMT and dispatcher, Dr. Enos initially became a paramedic. Through their years of combined experiences he became intimately aware of the shortcomings of the modern medical system - both for the patients treated there as well as those serving within the system. Becoming a Naturopathic Doctor was a goal born from this discovery, with the realization that expanding beyond the conventional response-oriented health model could be both more helpful and fulfilling.

Today, combining more than a decade of experience in the emergency medical field with the preventative tools and knowledge of the Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Enos is committed to providing the care and treatment you need to achieve the freedom from limitations you desire and the fulfilling, rewarding life you deserve.

Dr. Enos began his experience in medicine in 2004 as a volunteer EMT for the University of Maine's ambulance company. After graduating from UMaine with his bachelor of science in botany and a double minor in chemistry and horticulture, he moved to New Zealand for a year to work as a horticultural consultant, manager at an organic farm, and delivery boy for Hell (the pizza chain).

Upon his return to the states Dr. Enos began work again as an EMT; this time for American Medical Response (AMR). While working for AMR he joined the Disaster Response Team (DRT) and was deployed for hurricanes Ike and Gustave in conjunction with a larger disaster response organized through FEMA.

Later, after working as a paramedic, Dr. Enos decided that he could do better service to his patients through preventative medicine, keeping them from requiring an ER when possible rather than picking up the pieces afterwards. Dr. Enos subsequently attended Bastyr University, in Kenmore, Washington where he completed their graduate level training in naturopathic medicine.

A longtime outdoor enthusiast, Dr. Enos enjoys hiking, white water rafting, fishing, skiing, and rock climbing. If you indulge in the beauty of the Cascade or Olympic mountains you may find him there, camera in hand, taking in all that the wilds have to offer.

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Dr. Seth L. Enos's Training

Dr. Enosí training encompasses more than 1350 hours of clinical experience including:

  • -Primary Care/Family Medicine: Bastyr Center for Natural Health, Seattle, WA
  • -Biofeedback/Physical medicine: Bastyr Center for Natural Health, Seattle, WA
  • -Menís Health/Primary care: Dr. Eric Yarnell ND, at BCNH
  • -Primary Care/Family Medicine: Dr. Christie Fleetwood ND, at University Health Clinic
  • -Primary Care/IV Therapy/Injection Therapy: Dr. Michael Traub ND, at Lokahi Health Center
  • -Injection therapy: Dr. Jeff Harris ND
  • -Sports Medicine: Dr. Masahiro Takakura ND, LAc, DC, at MCI
  • -Primary Care/IV Therapy: Dr. Susan Mueller ND, at Vitae Health Center

Dr. Enos has also received extra training in family medicine, intravenous therapies, biofeedback, herbal medicine, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, activator method, Bach flower remedies, and essential oil therapy among others.


Dr. Enos continues to teach at his alma mater as a guest lecturer specializing in areas concerning emergency medicine for primary care, IV therapy, and EKG application and interpretation in the primary care setting. He also assists in the clinical laboratory diagnosis, advanced IV therapy, minor surgery, physical manipulation, physical clinical diagnosis classes as well as the male and female pelvic exam modules at Bastyr University. Abroad he has taught classes in Nepal and Haiti on such subjects as disaster preparedness, first aide, CPR, nutrition, exercise and stretching.

Community Service

As a healthy community is a strong contributor to a healthy individual Dr. Enos focuses on improving his area through community outreach and volunteer work. In the Seattle area he has volunteered with the Alternative Healthcare Access Campaign and the American Lung Association. Abroad he has had the fortunate opportunity of volunteering for such organizations as Hope for Haiti and Good Health Nepal.